If there is only one bidder, the auctioneer is allowed to “bid” at the reserve price by bidding against them. However, if the highest bid is lower than the reservation price, the property will not be sold. … (As a bidder, you expect to compete against other bidders, not the auctioneer!).

What is the best way to bid online?

What is the best way to bid online?

Best bid for online auctions See the article : Is playerauctions safe.

  • Start with a larger offer. Typically, people place their first offer as low as possible in order to get the item at a much lower rate. …
  • Link offers immediately. …
  • Examine your opponent’s model. …
  • Understand when it’s over.

How to bid in a live auction? To participate in a live auction, you must register your details in the online auction before making a sale with the auctioneer, as you would in person at the auction house. From the auction page, click the blur button on the right side of your screen that says “Get accepted for bidding.”

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